Check Out Wisconsin State Parks At Your Library

Free Park Passes May 1-Dec 31 2023. Pick up a free park pass at the library

From May 1 to December 30, 2023, the Stoughton Public Library is participating in the pilot program for free state park passes!

Stop by the Circulation desk to pick up your free pass. In order to receive a pass:

  • Show us your valid South Central Library System library card (don't have one? Sign up online or visit the Children's or Adult Information Desk)
  • Tell us the date of your planned visit. You can also choose a three-day range if you're not 100% sure of the exact date. We are unable to give you a pass without a date written on it.

Did you know the library has a monthly newsletter with details of upcoming programs and events such as this Free Park Pass program? If you'd like to start receiving this newsletter, please email storef [at] to let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?
This pilot program runs from May 1 to December 31, 2023. The park pass will give free access for one vehicle with Wisconsin license plates (no buses). It is good for most Wisconsin State Park System properties, but not for state trails. (State trails require a separate pass, not offered at libraries.)

Can I reserve a pass if I don't have a date in mind yet?
We are unable to reserve or set aside passes. Please return to the library when you have a date, or three-date range, in mind.

Do I have to specify which park I plan to visit?
No, just the date(s). You can even use the same pass to visit multiple parks during the time frame written on your pass.

What if it rains or I get sick on the date I planned to use my pass?
Please come back to the library and explain the situation. We're happy to give you a new pass.

Do I have to return the pass? Is it reusable?
No. It is a one-time use pass with a date written on it.

Do I have to do anything else after I use the pass?
No, but the library and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would greatly appreciate if you fill out a brief survey after your visit. You will receive details about the survey when you pick up your pass.

What if my large group needs two vehicles to visit the park?
Have a second person in your group show their valid library card to request a second pass.

What if my library card is expired?
If your address has changed recently, please bring proof of current address with you so we can update your card. If it hasn't changed, we can update you simply by reviewing your contact information.

Can children and teens pick up park passes?
Yes. All we require is a valid library card.

Can I get a park pass even if I don't normally use the Stoughton Public Library?
Absolutely. All we require is a valid South Central Library System card.

Will you offer these park passes after the pilot ends?
If we get a good response during this trial period, and if the state park system chooses to continue it, we're definitely interested in offering passes beyond 2023. The best way you can express your interest is by picking up a pass and filling out the survey after your visit. We also appreciate feedback at storef [at]