Library Board of Trustees

The Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. In addition, all Library Board members serve on at least one Library Board committee.

If you would like to be a Library Board Member, please fill out an application.

The Stoughton Public Library Board is comprised of nine members appointed by the Mayor and empowered by Wisconsin State Statute. One member is a City Council representative appointed by the Mayor and one is the school superintendent or their designee. The remaining members are interested volunteers from the library service area. The whole board meets on the third Wednesday of each month with board committees meeting as needed. The agenda for each meeting is posted at the library and is available on this website. The public is invited to attend any of the open meetings that have topics of interest to them. The general purpose of the board is to hire the library director, approve long-range goals, provide financial oversight, develop policies, and to create a statement of mission and vision that articulates the library's goals for service to the community.

Current Members

Ken Axe Dane County Representative
Heather Danielson Vice-President
Scott Dirks  
Trish Gates Stoughton Area School District Representative
Amy Ketterer  
Jean Ligocki City Council Representative
Erin Meinholz  
Kylie Nelson Student Representative
Dayna Verstegen  
Mike Vienneau President


Planning Committee

Heather Danielson

Amy Ketterer

Jean Ligocki

Mike Viennaeu

Personnel Committee

Ken Axe

Trish Gates

Mike Vienneau

Policies Committee

Ken Axe

Erin Meinholz

Finance Committee

Erin Meinholz

Friends of the Library Representative