500 Books Before Middle School

About the Program

500 Books Before Middle school is an ongoing program for kids entering kindergarten through 5th Grade. There is no starting or end date and registration can be done anytime throughout the year. The goal is simply to read 500 books before Middle School.

You can come into the library to sign up, you can email mostrander [at] stolib.org (mostrander[at]stolib[dot]org), or call 608-873-6281.

How does 500 Books Before Middle School work?

Track your reading - After reading, check or color in a star for every book read. Be sure to count each time you read a book, not each individual title.

Bring in your log - Show us your log and you will receive a small prize for every 50 books you read. When you read 250 books, you will receive a free book.

Read More Books - After completion of 500 books, you will receive another free book.