Summer Library Program

June 1-August 19, 2022: Oceans of Possibilities

Children and adults: sign up at Beanstack online or download the Beanstack Tracker app on your device to participate in the Summer Library Program.

(Teens 11-17: register at the Information Desk on the top floor of the library. Keep reading for more details.)

Here are the Beanstack registration instructions for:

Here are the Beanstack instructions on logging reading, redeeming rewards, and entering tickets for Grand Prize Drawings for:

We encourage our child and adult patrons to use Beanstack this summer, but if you prefer a traditional paper log you can pick one up at the library. Be sure to bring your paper log to the library before August 19 so we can record your reading to ensure you'll be eligible for grand prizes.

This summer, we invite children, teens, and adults to:

  • Track the number of minutes you read between June 1-August 19
  • Earn free books (children and teens)
  • Earn the chance to win grand prizes (all ages)

Be sure to check this website and our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

Children ages 0-10: Come into the library to pick up a reading log or sign up on Beanstack to log your reading and activities. Earn free books, coupons, and chances to win a grand prize when you read this summer. We will be giving away a Lego set, art kit, magnetic tiles, and more! The more reading and activities you log, the more you increase your chances to win a grand prize.

Teens ages 11-17: please visit the Information Desk on the top floor of the library to pick up a reading log. You can also download and print your own log if you prefer.(Teen logging won't be available on Beanstack.) Earn free books and the chance to win a grand prize when you read this summer. We have scratch-off tickets for teens this summer--pick one up every time you visit for a chance to win more prizes.

Adults ages 18+: Sign up on Beanstack to earn a chance to win a grand prize. We'll be giving away a $50 gift card to the Itty Bitty Bookstore, as well as ten tote bags containing this year's Go Big Read title How the Word is Passed. The more reading you log, the more you increase your chances to win a grand prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just found out about the Summer Library Program, but the summer is already half over. Can I still participate?
Yes! Please estimate the time you've spent reading since June 1 and add this to your log.

Do I have to choose how to log my reading, either recording my minutes or entering a title into one of the Activity challenges?
No! Please log in both places. For example, if you spent fifteen minutes reading "The Three Bears," please log those 15 minutes of reading and also check off the "Read a Fairy Tale" activity.

Why can't the teens log using Beanstack this summer?
We found that during the pandemic, adults and children really enjoyed using Beanstack, but not many teens participated in the Summer Library Program compared to previous years. We're trying what worked well pre-2020: encouraging teens to visit the library, attend programs, and pick up scratch-off tickets for chances to win more prizes. We'd love to hear your feedback: please email or call 608-873-6281 and ask for Amanda if you want to talk about this.

Will you be giving out prize passes to Eugster's Family Farm this summer?
Yes! We will have Eugster's passes as prizes for completing the Summer Library Program for ages 0-10.

If I choose not to use Beanstack, does this mean I'll miss out on the chance to win a grand prize?
If you use a traditional pen-and-paper log, be sure to bring your log to the library so we can record your hours. Staff will input your information in Beanstack and enter you into the drawing(s) you hope to win. The program ends on August 19, but please try to bring your logs in at least a day before that so we have time to input them. If you can't make it in to the library: for Children's logs, email For Teen or Adult logs, email Or you can call 608-873-6281.

Can my young child participate in 1000 Books Before Kindergarten and the Summer Library Program at the same time?
Yes! Good news is, the books children ages 0-5 count toward both programs at the same time. For the Summer Library Program, you'll log number of minutes spent reading. For 1000 Books, you'll log the number of books read (or re-read).