Library Renovation News

Stoughton Public Library proposed second floor renovationsThe Stoughton Public Library was renovated during summer-fall of 2015.

Renovation Details

The library's second floor was completely renovated and updated:

  • High-quality steel shelving to replace our 25-year-old, crumbling particleboard shelving
  • Attractive new lighting, carpet, paint and furniture
  • An updated Teen area
  • New study rooms
  • A new Adult Services desk
  • A display wall to honor major donors for this project

The library's front entryway was changed from oversized single door access to standard sized double door access. This allows more than one person to come and go at the same time. The new entrance meets modern ADA codes and will include improved exterior over-door lighting. The trim of the new entrance matches the existing trim as per the Stoughton Landmarks Commission.

First floor restroom accessibility renovations meet current ADA codes. Both first floor restrooms were enlarged.

The above necessitated some minor reconfiguration of the main floor Circulation desk area.

We added a security camera system which monitors the entire building.

The HVAC system was converted from pneumatic controls to a direct digital control system (DDC), and the current air handler system was converted to a variable air volume (VAV). Lastly, the existing boiler was replaced with a high efficiency condensing boiler.

Fundraising Goal Achieved

The library is incredibly grateful to these donors for helping us achieve our fundraising goal of $250,000:

These funds, combined with approximately $660,000 from the City of Stoughton, allowed us to begin our renovation in Summer 2015. We are incredibly grateful to the City of Stoughton for supporting and funding this renovation.

The Bryant Foundation Grant

The Bryant Foundation is proud to be able to support the Stoughton community with numerous projects and various community activities.  The Foundation has been quietly but actively assisting the Stoughton community for the past several years and we look forward to partnering with appropriate Stoughton community related projects and organizations for years to come.

Madison Community Foundation Grant

The Stoughton Public Library has been awarded a major grant to help with the Library’s second floor renovation. In partnership with the City of Stoughton, the second floor renovation will provide a safer and more welcoming space to the Stoughton community. Plans call for new library grade shelving, an increase in both square footage and display space, improved lighting, and new furniture. There will also be more electrical outlets for public use and new carpeting. In addition, the meeting rooms will be moved and enlarged, the present large public service desk will be replaced with a smaller more space efficient model, and new teen area will be created.

According to Library Director Richard MacDonald, the Library’s minimum fundraising goal was $250,000. “The Madison Community Foundation grant will allow us to not only reach our goal, but ensures that we will be able to purchase quality materials such as shelving, carpet, and furniture that will last for decades. The Madison Community Foundation grant will also enable the Library to meet those unexpected expenses which are invariably a part of every project of this nature."

"The Madison Community Foundation believes that great libraries make great communities. The Stoughton Library’s commitment to expanding their services, offering a dedicated teen area, and increasing circulation and programming, all speak to its vitality and centrality to the community. This renovation will revive the building’s dynamism providing an inviting and engaging space that meets the growing needs of Stoughton,” said Tom Linfield, Madison Community Foundation Vice President of Community Impact.

Madison Community Foundation uses its local knowledge and assets to inspire giving, support meaningful initiatives, and connect people for the common good. It was established in 1942 as a tax-exempt community trust and is governed by a Board of Governors representing the broad interests of the community. Individuals and organizations interested in establishing an endowment with Madison Community Foundation or donating money to its general fund may find more information online.

The Wahlin Foundation

The Stoughton Public Library is a cornerstone of the community. The Wahlin Foundation has been proud to support our Library over the years.

Cress Funeral & Cremation Service

Libraries are fundamental to a literate and intellectually active community. They provide free and accurate information to all, regardless of means, whether it's for pleasure or to advance your career. Modernizing and improving the quality of the facility is necessary to keep attracting succeeding generations of future readers, future leaders.