Exhibit Request and Release Form

Artists may email storef [at] stolib.org or call 608-873-6281 and ask for the Adult Services Librarian or Library Director if they have questions about this form before filling it out.

Request area/s for the exhibition

Stoughton Public Library Exhibit Release Form

I, the undersigned, hereby agree to display the following works of art or other materials at the Stoughton Public Library for exhibition purposes only.

In consideration of the privilege of exhibiting these works of art or other materials in the library, I hereby release the Stoughton Library from responsibility of loss or damage while they are in the possession of the Library.

I understand that the Stoughton Public Library does not take responsibility for the security of exhibited items, and that the Library does not assume responsibility for damage or theft of any items on display.

All items placed in the Library are done so at the owner's risk, and the Stoughton Public Library does not offer any type of insurance coverage or accept any responsibility for the exhibited items in the Library.

I understand that it is my responsibility to set up and take down the exhibit at the agreed upon times. If the item is not removed at the determined removal date, the Stoughton Public Library may remove the item and place the item in storage. The Library does not assume any liability for the removal of the item or storage. This includes damage, loss or theft.

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