Art Walk


Visit the library's middle Mezzanine level to see artists Lydia Hicks and Thomas Kuchenbecker.

Lydia Hicks, "Wildflower Fields Forever":

My art is based off of things that make me happy - which usually includes flowers & bright colors. I am an art teacher who loves working with a variety of materials and experimenting. I love working with things found in nature (like clay & pressed flowers) as well as reusing & repurposing materials as much as possible. Specifically, I love to print my block prints on vintage fabrics and thrifted clothing items. My products are all hand made in my studio in my home! I carve and print my own linocut & woodcut prints, pick and preserve flowers for my pressed flower & 4 leaf clover jewelry, select and form silverware for my spoon rings, and hand stitch all my embroidery products.

Thomas Kuchenbecker, "Watercolors by TAK":

Stylized photo realistic watercolor paintings of Wisconsin inspired scenes using multiple layers to achieve high value contrast and deep color saturation with great attention to image details and scene composition

Art Walk Sat Sep 30 10a-4p