Friends of the Library Officers

The Friends held a board meeting on November 9, 2021.  The Board of Directors for 2022 was elected.  Vacant positions are also included.

President:  Lesley Johnson

Vice President:  Judy Luschen

Secretary:  Claudette Higgins

Treasurer:  Jeanne Burt

Membership Chair:  Nancy Fuhrman

Book Nook Chair:  Lesley Johnson

Public Relations Chair:  Lynn Perez-Hewitt

Pie Place Chair:  Jeanne Burt

Spring Fundraiser Chair:  Lesley Johnson

Summer Fundraiser Chair:  Vacant

Fall Fundraiser Chair:  Vacant

Fundraising Events Chair:  Vacant


Ancillary Positions:

Library Board Liaison:  Dayna Verstegen

Library Director:  James Ramsey   Note:  The former Library Liaison position/report will be incorporated into the Library Director Report.