Check Out APT

Starting May 15, 2024, the Stoughton Public Library will have a limited number of free American Players Theatre (APT) ticket vouchers.

Each voucher is good for 2 free tickets to see a performance at APT.

Vouchers are not tickets. You must call the APT Box Office to reserve actual tickets. Instructions will be provided with the voucher. The Box Office will ask for information from the voucher when you call, so keep the voucher on hand.

Vouchers will be available beginning May 15, 2024, while supplies last. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can check out a voucher?
Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not reserve or set aside vouchers for anyone. They must be checked out in person at the Circulation Desk.

Due to the limited number of vouchers, one (1) voucher per household.  

In order to check out a voucher, patrons must be a Stoughton resident and/or have Stoughton Public Library set as their home library.

Vouchers can only be checked out to patrons 18+ years old. (Please note: as per APT, children under age 6 are not permitted to attend performances.)

When can I use the voucher? Do the vouchers expire?
Tickets can be reserved for the following performances:

  • June-September 2024
  • Tuesday-Friday
  • Hill Theatre only

Do I have to return the voucher?
No. However, if you check out a voucher but don't wind up using it to reserve tickets, please return the voucher to the library to allow someone else to use it. Once tickets are reserved, the voucher will be considered void.

What is APT? Where is APT?
American Players Theatre is located at 5950 Golf Course Road, Spring Green, WI, 53588--a little over an hour's drive from Stoughton. It's a “professional theater located just outside Spring Green, Wisconsin ... APT has two theaters, the newly renovated 1075-seat outdoor amphitheater (Hill Theatre) and the 201-seat indoor Touchstone Theatre ... APT ranks as the country’s second largest outdoor theater devoted to the classics.”

It’s outdoors. What happens if it rains?
See APT’s weather policy.

This is a great opportunity! Who can I thank?
These vouchers were provided to the library for free directly from APT as part of a pilot program! However, many of our other special programs and services are available thanks to generous community and individual donations. We always welcome donations!

I tried to get a voucher and you had run out. Why didn't you provide more?
A very limited quantity of vouchers were provided to us for free from APT. We will have another limited amount of vouchers available in mid-July 2024 as well; check back here for the specific date once we choose it.