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Stoughton Public Library Strategic Plan, 2011-2014
                 Stoughton Public Library will educate, enrich, and empower our community.
        Stoughton Public Library

Will be welcoming, well-funded, attractive, comfortable, and up-to-date.

Will employ a talented, customer service-oriented staff.
Will be highly valued for the modern and innovative services and programs offered for all ages.
Will support the community’s economic development.
Will preserve the community’s cultural heritage through the Kvamme local history collection.
Waypoints & Objectives
WAYPOINT 1: Funding/Fundraising
  The library will be well-supported financially, both by local appropriation and private donation/gift/fundraising efforts.
1. Local operating appropriation will increase every year of the plan to fund increased staffing levels necessary to staff all public service desks during open hours, accomplish enhanced adult programming, and enhance collection development in a variety of formats.
2. Funding through a combination of local appropriation, grants, and donations to complete second floor renovation will be achieved by the end of 2013.
3. Grants will be obtained to create innovative technology tools collection, to begin by the end of 2011 and continue throughout every year of the plan.

The Stoughton Community Foundation Library account will increase in size and contributions in preparation for a building expansion every year of the plan.

WAYPOINT 2: Advocacy/Promotion
  The library will experience increased visibility within the community, supported by the advocacy efforts of board, staff, and community members who speak up for the library at every opportunity.
  1. Board members regularly advocate for the library to local elected officials.
  2. The Library’s online presence will be refined and diversified, with increased online offerings and advertising every year of the plan.
  3. The Library’s media presence will be diversified to include paid advertising coordinated by staff and letters to the editor written by Trustees and community supporters, with published submissions increasing every year of the plan.

Library staff serve as the front lines of library advocacy; thus, attendance at Continuing Education programs will be required for all permanent staff, with an emphasis on technology skill development and customer service, with Supervisory staff required to accomplish at least 10 CE hours per year and non-supervisory permanent staff required to accomplish at least 5 CE hours per year.

WAYPOINT 3: Public Programs
  The library will offer a wide variety of programs for all ages, to meet the diverse needs of the community.
1. The number and variety of adult programs & events coordinated and offered by trained library staff and contracted presenters will increase every year of the plan without decreasing the number and variety of children’s programs.
2. The diversity and amount of Children’s Outreach will be expanded in every year of the plan
3. Funded grants for program supplies and/or contracted professional presenters will be achieved every year of the plan.
WAYPOINT 4: Economic Development
  The library will actively support the community’s businesses and its economic development efforts and activities.
1. A business support special collection will begin in 2011 with a minimum of 100 items and will increase by at least 50 new items every year of the plan.
2. Programs and outreach to enhance financial literacy and support local business development will take place starting in 2011.
3. The Carnegie Meeting Room policy will be revised to allow for-profit use for a nominal rental fee and the Bulletin Board policy will be revised to allow for-profits using the Carnegie Room to post & promote their events by the end of 2011.
4. Wireless internet access will be available throughout the entire library by the end of 2011.

Adopted: October 20, 2010

Revised: April 17, 2013