Monday, August 21, 2017 - 11:30am
Rotary Park Gazebo

The library ordered eclipse viewing glasses but they have not arrived yet and likely will not arrive in time for this program. Due to patron concerns about the safety of eclipse glasses and our inability to 100% guarantee their safety, we will not pursue ordering them from a different source. We will be on hand with cardboard to make safe "pinhole camera" viewers. If you arrive at the gazebo while no staff are present, please observe the posted safety rules and follow the directions on using the pinhole viewers. Please note: we do not advise filming the eclipse to watch it, as the rays can damage your camera. Please do not look directly at the eclipse as it can damage your eyes. We do not advise bringing small children to this event if it may be difficult to keep them from looking directly at the eclipse.

Despite being unable to offer free eclipse viewing glasses, we are happy to offer a safe way to enjoy the eclipse as a community. Many thanks to the Rotary Park for allowing us use of the Gazebo for the afternoon.

Shadow through trees viewed during a partial eclipse